Camilo's Virgin

Author: ChaShiree M, M.K. Moore
Category: Dark | Romance | Crime
Total pages: 20

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Camilo's Virgin

I was kidnapped seven years ago. Life changed. Everything I have ever known GONE. I didn't know what awaited me. For sure I didn't expect to find my knight in shining armor. My protector. My hero. My future. Camilo Valladares. He looked at me, his eyes burning through me, calming me, assuring me. He promised he would protect me and he did. I became the wife of the son of my captor. The wife of a mobster. A criminal.

Now, here we are, fighting for our family and freedom in secret. Both vowing to protect our children and our love at all costs. To prove his truth to me, he is going to have to turn his back on the family that raised him. The only life he has known to get me back to the life I was stolen from. Only now, we also have the lives we have created.

This road we travel will be rocky and paved with deception but the one thing I I am his Queen and he is my King. We will build our own kingdom and kill all who try to stop us.

This story begins in Cuba and ends in Bleak your favorite city. We have combined the Valladares family with the town of your heart and brought back some characters to say hi. Please enjoy the final book in Diezal, Axel and Chassie's heartbreak as we reunite these two brothers with their long lost sister. Oh yea. Did we mention it was hot as hell? No? Well it has all the smut, dirty talk and babies your kindle and fan can take.

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