His Tempting Cherry Pie: A Double Virgin Valentine

When I found out my bestie's fiancé cheated on her the day before Valentine's Day three years ago, I came up with a brilliant idea. Send his little side piece a BIG bouquet.

Of dead flowers.

Who knew, my little jab at the side-chick would turn into a multi-million-dollar business.
Things couldn't be better, right?


Enter my father's new wife. Stacie. She's my age and her older brother? He's a hot shot venture capital investor and when he gets wind of my little entrepreneurial success?

Let's just say, our first meeting has partnership written all over it. He surprises me in more ways than one. Especially when I find out both of us have saved our slice of cherry pie for our one and only.

I do everything in my power to tempt him to take a bite, and when he does, he can't get enough. He wastes no time letting me know, my sweet treat is his and his alone.

Only, on Valentine's Day, my business reminds me of how many so-called perfect unions end in a bouquet of dead flowers. Can this hunky first timer show me true love can last? 

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