When the Dark Wins

Author: Addison Cain
Category: Dark | Suspense | Horror | Mystery | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 207

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When the Dark Wins

Breaking Beth by Jennifer Bene
It would take time. Time to destroy who she used to be... time for all her hope to die... time to break her... time to truly make her a thing. But he would.

Catacombs by Addison Cain
Every night he destroys her innocence. Each morning she awakes anew, memory clean —pure enough to be tainted, twisted, and adored for the devil’s sick pleasures.

Used by Cari Silverwood
Red’s on a mission to kill. When you’re violated and broken, sometimes the only way left is down.

My Name is Jane by Zoe Blake
There is no Escape. No Hope. I have nothing left. Only my name.

What Lies Beneath by Yolanda Olson
One too many nights working the streets can make the abused break, but when two become one, the price of sin can be much higher than expected.

Severed by Dani René
Monsters are real. He’s broken me, tortured me, and made me who I am. I’d accepted my fate.

A Sinner in Virtue by Eris Adderly
You will accept them on your knees. You will accept them on your back. You will open yourself in any way they ask, Sinner, because you are a servant now.

The Hunted by Michelle Brown
Hunted. Taken. Destroyed. When the nightmare never ends and there’s nowhere to run... What would you do to survive?

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