Obsession (Royally Hot 3)

Author: Dani Wyatt
Category: Romance
Series: Royally Hot
Total pages: 69

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Obsession (Royally Hot 3)

The day I met her was the best and the worst day of my life.

The day the king, my father, married her mother.

Anika was the temptation I didn’t see coming. She had the wisdom of an owl, the spirit of a wolf and the majesty of an eagle. With copper hair, the freckles of youth and the curves of a woman, my dreams night and day were filled with what I wanted from her.

What I wanted to do with her.

To her.

What I knew we could never have.

The corpses piled up over the years as I carried out my silent, sworn duty to protect her at all costs. But when she flees from her royal fate, what was once off limits is now my sole purpose.

We will run. As long and hard as we must, until we find our own happily ever after.

Even if it takes a lifetime.

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