A Stitch Up

Author: Zara McCormick
Category: Romance | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 68

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A Stitch Up

I am just a normal girl living in Dublin trying to make ends meet. I have a passion for books and I love to review the books I read. I’m a bookstagrammer. I love taking pictures of my books in quirky places around the city to show of the book and the city I live in. I have thousands of followers and I love helping people find their next book. I never thought in a million years that taking a few pictures of books would land me in front of a mafia boss pleading my innocence to him. But the arsethat he is, keeps me in his house till he can prove I am innocent. All I need to do is keep my heart in check because he is one sexy beast of a man.

I am head of the Irish Mafia Family, the Traynor family. I have never claimed to be good man, I have taken many lives to save myself or prove I am not weak. And now I am at the top of the food chain, The Boss. But once little,Sophie Martin, stumbles into me, in a coffee shop of all places, I can hardly think straight. Then the little minx is caught taking pictures of my men at a drop-off point. Who is she working for? I will use whatever method I have to, to find out. I can’t let my heart do the talking, now that it is awake, no, I need my head and I will break little Miss Martin if I need to. Like I said, I never claimed to be a good man.