Vicious Dynasty (Reign & Ruin 3)

Author: Natalie Bennett
Category: Romance
Series: Reign & Ruin
Total pages: 85

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Vicious Dynasty (Reign & Ruin 3)

Happy never, ever.

Hate is said to be disturbingly similar to love.
When it comes to him, I’m cursed to harbor both.

The specious spark that brought us together with an all-consuming obsession quickly became the catalyst of my undoing.

Shadows and darkness have filled the bittersweet years that saw us take two very different paths.

Judas Barron has become an intimate stranger.
He’s older now. Unpredictable. Heartlessly cruel.
So much more beautiful.

He isn’t the only one who changed.
The girl he once knew is gone, rotting beneath the wreckage of what he destroyed.

His influence and power have spread like the plague. With his position solidified he’s decided to make good on a promise he made and like the strike of a match, a hellish blaze consumes us once again.

This time, it's up to me to decide how this will end.
I can reign beside him, or make sure his dynasty is scattered among the ashes of our ruin.

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