Shattered By Control

Author: B.B. Hamel
Category: Romance | Crime | Adult | Dark
Total pages: 89

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Shattered By Control

You're my wife, you will sleep in my bed.

When a brutal shooting forces me onto the sidelines of a raging mafia war, I need a discreet physical therapist to help get me back in the game.

That’s how gorgeous Mirella Falconet stumbles into my life.

I offer her the world: money, power, whatever she wants, so long as she keeps her mouth shut and does her job. I can’t let my enemies know the extent of my injuries, not right now.

Except she hates me. Her black rage is like a palpable wave. The girl would rather die than help a gangster like me.

But that doesn’t matter. With Mirella, it’s like her body melts my willpower. She’s gorgeous, funny, strong, and I’ve never been so ravenous for a woman before.

And if she can’t learn to obey, I’ll shatter her to pieces.

Secrets haunt her every move and I know she’s hiding something. My enemies want to steal her away, but I don’t understand why.

I’ll keep her safe. I’ll make her mine. And when I’m finished, I’ll know every little inch of her oh-so-intimately.