Desire For Daddy (Please Me, Daddy 5)

Author: B.L. Brooks
Category: Romance | Adult | Erotic
Series: Please Me, Daddy
Total pages: 14

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Desire For Daddy (Please Me, Daddy 5)



Moving in with my mother and step-father is my last resort, and I mean LAST resort.

My mother and I have never been close; we barely even speak. Hell, I haven’t even met her damn husband and it’s been three years since she married some billionaire she could get her hands on.

But when I lose my job and have no way of supporting myself, I’m forced to phone her up, asking for a few month stay.

I’m surprised to arrive at my step-father’s, finding my mother nowhere in sight and finding a man I can’t keep my eyes from. His stance, his wealth, his demands... I can’t help but want him... need him.

I find my thoughts turning south as I try to hold back my desire...for Daddy.

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