The Greek's Marriage Revenge (The Henderson Sisters 1)

Author: Clare Connelly
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Series: The Henderson Sisters
Total pages: 71

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The Greek's Marriage Revenge (The Henderson Sisters 1)

To have and to hold until truth do them part...

Alessandros Petrides has spent a lifetime looking out for his younger sister. He might have amassed a fortune and built a reputation as a heartless tycoon, but when it comes to family, he'll always make time for Helena. So when she informs him that her husband Eric is having an affair with their nanny, Alessandros doesn't hesitate to put himself right in the middle of the love triangle. He'll do anything it takes to save his sister's marriage, even if it means seducing the nanny into his own bed.

Nothing in Sophie Henderson's life could have prepared her for how she would feel to meet a man like Alex. Not only is he charismatic and sexy, he exudes an air of danger that Sophie can't resist. Lust at first sight turns quickly into love and when he proposes marriage, she doesn't need to think twice. Why would she? Spending the rest of her life with Alex is a dream come true... until she discovers that their marriage is based on lies and revenge and a dark attraction that will consume her if she lets it.