His Second Chance (Make You Mine)

Author: Amanda Keen
Category: Adult | Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 19

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His Second Chance (Make You Mine)

Can there be a second chance with the man who broke her?

Club owner, Ginger hasn’t seen the man who broke her since he left without so much as a hasty goodbye. It took time, but she’s moved on, built a successful business, mended her heart… But now, seeing him across the room at her club, suddenly, it’s as though the past five years and all her hard work mean nothing.

Damien expects Ginger’s fury, but he’s at a loss to get the feisty woman to listen to his reasons for leaving. But what he can do is lure her with his body to do what they’ve always done best. Drive each other to madness.

Damien isn’t giving up that easily. He’s in it to win it, and Ginger finds herself wondering; can she give a second chance at first love to the man who broke her?

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