The Sacrifice

Author: Alexia Chase
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 96

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The Sacrifice

Are you ready for the conclusion to A Sinfully Tempting Series? Mia and Jackson are waiting for you.

Can two childhood enemies stop bickering long enough to find their common ground?


When my ex dumped me, I went from the woman who had everything together to the girl re-organizing her brother's pantry.

I don't have a job or a place to live. Until my brother's irresponsible best friend gets a baby dropped in his lap, and he needs a nanny.

Guess who's a nanny? You guessed it. That's me.

Except, I can't stand my younger brother's immature player best friend. And if the current situation is any indication, he's as reckless as he was when he was fifteen and got my brother suspended from school. But he has a baby, and I'm a sucker for kids.


What in the hell just happened? In less than fifteen minutes, I gained a daughter, and the woman I had a one-night stand with a year ago is on her way to the airport to fly to Vegas.

I don't know the first thing about raising a baby, but I'm not letting her go to Social Services.

When my best friend offers his sister up as a nanny, I would rather chew my arm off than accept her help.

Mia hates my guts, and I detest her condescending attitude, but there's someone else in my life now that matters more than I do - my daughter.

Can forced proximity and an adorable three-month-old help these two realize they're not the same kids they were in school?

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