Craving the Off-Limits Billionaire

Author: Clare Connelly
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 76

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Craving the Off-Limits Billionaire

Danger stalks her, but is Leonidas her salvation or her downfall?

Having buried his father only weeks prior, Leonidas Xenakis isn’t thrilled to be thrown into the role of defender to a damsel in distress. This gruff billionaire is in no mood for hand holding. But he has no alternative: Mila needs help, and Leonidas is the last man on earth to walk away from duty. A week in seclusion, locked away from the rest of the world, is the only answer…but can he fight temptation and remember he’s there to help her, not to seduce her?

Out of the frying pan, into the fire…

A week with her cousin’s best friend shouldn’t be the end of the world, especially if it keeps Mila Monroe safe from the crazed fan who’s pursued her relentlessly for months on end, but the desire that sparks between Mila and her saviour is suddenly the scariest thing in her life, threatening to tear down everything she’s worked so hard for. She might want to act on these feelings, but she can’t. Too much is at stake…

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