Author: Audrey Bell
Category: Romance
Total pages: 24

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She is the daughter of my best friend. I should stay away from her. But when she kisses me, my heart is lost to her forever. And when she's taken, the world will run red with blood until she's safe in my arms again.


Crow is forbidden in every sense of the word. He's as old as my father - a thirty year age gap that should drive me away. He's dangerous with a body count under his belt that everyone alludes to but no one talks about. And it just makes me want him even more. When I get wrapped up in his club's business, I'm kidnapped and I hope to God that Crow will rescue me before it's too late.

Dani is young and sweet and everything I should never touch. She's my best friend's daughter, barely old enough to order herself a beer at the local bar. As the Sergeant at Arms for the Alpha Riders MC, I've spilled far more than my fair share of blood and my hands are red with it. But when she's taken, I won't hesitate to tear the world apart to get her back.

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