The Billionaire's Bought Bride

Author: Holly Rayner
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 57

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The Billionaire's Bought Bride

A fake marriage to a gorgeous billionaire – what could possibly go wrong?

Elly Hall is an athlete on the cusp of tennis superstardom. On the day of her biggest ever match, she knows the entire tennis world is watching. That is, right up to when she falls, and a catastrophic injury leaves her worried that her dreams may never become a reality.

Step in Sebastian Rojas, the Colombian billionaire who claims to have a solution. Agree to be his bride of convenience, win him back control of his family’s company, and be assured that she can leave her everyday worries behind forever. Sounds so simple, right?

But it’s one thing to have your every need catered for, and entirely another to be dragged into a scheme that seeks to fool his entire family. Elly tells herself to keep her eyes on the prize, but as she and Sebastian grow closer, she starts to think this is one competition she wasn’t cut out for…

Can she keep up the act until their fake wedding arrives, or will the stakes prove too high?

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