Bad Enemy

Author: Carmen Falcone
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 40

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Bad Enemy

Lara Nunes is loving life— until her brother gets involved with the mafia. He’s gotten in trouble more often than she can count, but this time it's dangerous. Desperate to save him, she storms into Troy Gallucci’s office, hoping to make a deal to guarantee her brother’s safety. Little does she know, the sexy and arrogant man glaring at her has a very specific request: marriage. But she can’t stare at him without wanting to jump his bones for a day, let alone six months…

Troy Gallucci screwed up—and this time, it can cost him the career he’s worked for his whole life, and the relationship with his family. After drinking too much and sleeping with his sister-in-law, he’s been the least favorite person in the Gallucci clan. He’s desperate to make things right, and when a hot woman storms into his office and demands his help, everything falls into place. He’ll marry her to restore his bad reputation, show his father he’s stable enough to run the family business, and work on building bridges with his brother. She’ll help him convince people he’s a changed man, but what happens when he starts to believe it himself?