House of Monsters

Author: Penn Cassidy
Category: Paranormal | Romance | Horror
Total pages: 34

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House of Monsters

It's been ten years since my family was murdered right in front of me by someone we were supposed to trust. I was only eighteen at the time and barely survived myself, and I've spent the last decade running from my past. I still remember every single detail like it all happened yesterday. The screams, the blood, the way my mother's body just… hung there.

The nightmares keep me awake at night, and the whispers taunt me for it.

After the sudden death of my only aunt, I suddenly found myself the owner of that wretched place, and now I have no choice but to go back and face my demons. But what I didn't expect was for those demons to be…literal monsters. Monsters who feed off of pain and human suffering. They’re alluring and seductive…terrifying, utterly inhuman, and slowly but surely, they're drawing me into their dark, twisted world.

I’m torn between wanting to give into my fantasy of burning this place to the ground with me inside of it, ending it once and for all, and wanting to live for these monster men who need me just as much as I might need them. To feed them…to give them what they so desperately crave.

I don't know what's going to happen to me, but I can't deny that I'm strangely drawn to these deadly creatures that seem to have crawled out of the dark depths of my nightmares. Some people say this house is cursed, and maybe they're right, because as much as I try to fight it, I can feel myself being pulled further and further into the dark...and you know what..?

I might just dive right in.

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