Author: Kris Michaels
Category: Romance
Total pages: 59

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A Beauty, but eventually the allure fades.

The assassin known as Valkyrie uses her many charms to ensnare the unsuspecting monsters she kills. She lives among the rich, privileged, beautiful people of the world. Or so they’d have the world believe. She’s witnessed the ugliness, brutality, contempt, and greed that formed the miscreants she hunted.

A Beast, at least in most people’s eyes.

Smithson Young has been judged and used his entire life. He hides his superior intelligence under a hulking persona he’s crafted to shield himself. Life had brought him to his knees several times. Now with Guardian in disarray and his assignment over, he waits for the next blow to land, because it always came.

A Beauty and a Beast, bound together.

When her mission requires a cover, the Beauty calls upon the Beast she knows and trusts. The enemy this time isn’t just one person, it’s a global organization and it’s stronger than anyone anticipated. Can Beauty save the Beast, or will the Beast rip through the shackles of his past and take his rightful place? Only time will tell.
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