Blood Red Kiss

Author: Jade West
Category: Paranormal | Romance | Vampires
Total pages: 139

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Blood Red Kiss

I had a dirty secret… Since I was a little girl, I dreamt of being bitten by a vampire.
I had always been desperate to feel cold, hard fangs in my neck, and have the blood sucked out of me by a beautiful creature of the night.

But when a vampire chased me through dark London streets, my bare feet pounding along mossy cobblestones as I ran, I quickly realized just how dangerous my fantasies were.

Hans Jacob Weyer was faster than me, and he didn’t care that my body wasn’t willing to be his victim. He pinned me to the wall that night and presented me with my first choice of many.

Choices that would tear my soul to the core and open trapdoors in my mind I never knew I had.

Family chains with a twisted path of torment and beauty. Openings to a new world I never knew existed; a world of witches and mages, and spirits of the dead.
And vampires…

Hans Jacob Meyer was a vampire on a mission. He was going to claim me as his and nothing was going to get in his way.