Pregnant By the Mafia

Author: Veda Rose
Category: Adult | Romance | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 47

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Pregnant By the Mafia

He’s the head of the Bratva enemy and much older than me. He’s also my to-be-husband.
I always wanted to be a part of my mobster family, but I was the awkward, nerdy one.
Now my chance has finally come: An arranged marriage with the Russian enemy.
I’m supposed to give him my innocence, only to betray him in return.

He’s the most ruthless guy in the city, breaking people with his bare hands.
My family wants me to win his heart and break him from the inside out.
But they don’t know what it’s like to be locked inside his penthouse.
They don’t know what he does to me when we’re alone.

His ice cold stare heats my thoughts, thighs, and heart.
His warm hands leave me at his mercy, begging for things I’ve never done.
And when my belly grows in secret and there’s nowhere to run, I have to ask myself…
Will he leave me barefoot and pregnant?

Or will he be the mafia daddy of my darkest dreams?

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