Author: J.L. Leslie
Category: Erotic | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 38

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In my world, sin runs deep. Thick. Suffocating. Devastating. It’s impossible to escape it when your last name is Moretti. For a while, I pretended to be someone else. Convinced myself the sins that marred my name weren’t sins of my own.

I even convinced myself I deserve her.

Blood runs as deep as sin. Thick. Suffocating. Devastating. I am a Moretti. No amount of pretending is going to change that. Nothing will change the blood coursing through my veins.

Not even her.

She belongs to someone else. The man who gave me my last name. The man who gave me this life. And the man who will take it from me if I betray him.

The lust burning through my blood won’t stop. It’s all-consuming.

And so is she.

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