Bridges Burned (Mission Mercenaries)

Author: Marie James
Category: Suspense | Romance | Dark
Total pages: 81

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Bridges Burned (Mission Mercenaries)

I didn’t swear vengeance on the Severino Family after Ellie’s death. I was only a child after all.
I didn’t swear vengeance when my father, a coward who wasn’t man enough to seek justice for her, drank himself into a divorce.
Going after them would be a death sentence.
I chose to live my life in the shadows, seeking revenge for others.
That was until I ran into the very man that took Ellie’s life.
I can still smell the smoke clinging to my skin from all the bridges I burned because of that man.
Walking away was no longer an option.
Killing him would be easy, but taking the woman that was promised to him seemed like a better wager.
Exacting retribution through her was the gamble I made.
Surviving her now seems impossible.