Snow's Prince (Silver Spoon Underworld)

Author: Nichole Rose
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 35

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Snow's Prince (Silver Spoon Underworld)

Falling for Snow was the last thing this mafia prince intended to do.


Silver Spoon Falls was supposed to be an easy mark.
Instead, I'm up to my ears in cartels and complications.
I waltzed into enemy territory to investigate...
And waltzed back out with a new mission in life.
Protecting Snow Buchanan from her stepmother and her cartel of henchmen.
Her seven furry friends doubt me.
Her stepmother wants to kill her.
And all I want is to lay siege to her heart.
This curvy little princess will be mine.

When my dad died, I knew it was only a matter of time before my stepmother found a way to get rid of me too.
She wants his money, not his daughter.
But I didn't expect her to send trained killers after me.
I certainly didn't expect Dimitri Arakas, the gorgeous bad boy who makes my heart race.
He swears he's going to protect me.
But I just have one question...
Who is supposed to protect my heart from him?

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