Forever Found

Author: Ginny Sterling
Category: Romance
Total pages: 104

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Forever Found

Eyes on the prize!
Gage ‘Houdini’ Walters had a terrible secret he was hiding. One mistake had his world crashing down around him, his team rejecting him, and with no way to redeem himself in their eyes. Then she had the nerve to ask him out? There was no way he was even going to entertain dating the person who'd ruined his life - Abby.

Apply the airbrakes and come around, Flyboy!
Abby York was surprised at the devastation and bitterness in the man’s eyes during their discussion. The news wasn’t easy, but it could be corrected - so why did he look like she’d just broken his heart? When she suddenly meets Gage again, everything clicks into place – and painfully so.

A perceived enemy…

A one-sided, strained friendship…

What happens when you fall for a guy who isn’t interested in you?

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