Obsessed with my Ex

Author: Cassie Cassell
Category: Adult | Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 15

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Obsessed with my Ex

One last family event.
That’s it.
I tell myself I can pull through and attend Mimi’s 80th birthday party, but talk is cheap.
Being around Beck again makes me feel how good we were together… until he left.
Which is why I have forbidden him from discussing the past for the next few days. Does that mean I can’t lust over him? No.
But lusting over him can land my heart in serious trouble…

I have this last chance to win over my estranged wife.
A weekend in a family event, where we’ll pretend we’re still happy.
She thinks I’ll sign over the divorce papers after the weekend is over.
What she doesn’t know is…
I’ll take full advantage of the scorching attraction between us to show her for once and for all… We belong together—and this time, forever.

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