Turned By The Pawn

Author: Samantha Barrett
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 28

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Turned By The Pawn


Gage crashed into my life like a storm.

He awoke something inside me I hadn’t dared to feel for many years, hope.

He’s here to take down my family and I’m ready to help him do whatever it takes to take end the Volkov Bratva.

I shouldn’t crave him, love the way his touch sparks a fire inside me but after years of feeling nothing but despair, I latch onto him and refuse to let go, even when he betrays me.



I promised my family I could end this.

This is my last chance to prove to them I am good enough to be more then Tony’s bastard.

I’ll burn the Bratva to the ground and prove to them all I am just as worthy of the last name Murdoch.

Getting in is easy, getting out is going to be nearly impossible because I found something worth fighting for. She is someone I shouldn’t want to keep, the enemy’s heir, her father and uncle killed my brother.

I see my Redemption in her eyes, the hardest part of all of this is I need to use her in order to win the biggest game of my life.

I’m just a Pawn in this game of chess but make no mistake, I’m the pawn that will turn you.