Vicious Angel

Author: Ivy Black
Category: Adult | Romance
Total pages: 43

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Vicious Angel

All this will ever be is an arranged marriage between two crime families. Until it becomes so much more.


Eset said she'd marry me, sight unseen. It's just a political connection, nothing to do with love. That is, until I meet her.

Our relationship could be platonic, but I don't want that anymore. From the moment I lay eyes on the stunning girl, I want to possess her.

But she stands against everything my family does. She's gorgeous, but she's also vindictive, dangerous, and unpredictable.

Eset has it in for my family… I'm the only one who can stop her—by making her mine.


Santos is just like the men I've been surrounded by my whole life—dark and dangerous.

He's also irresistibly handsome and charming, making me want to forget all about my plans for vengeance.

But I made a promise I have to keep, and if it means bringing down my fake marriage to a mobster, so be it…

Until I get caught in Santos’ web and my feelings turn from cold and detached to fiery and committed to the one man I'm supposed to hate.

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