Romanced By the Mountain Man

Author: Mia Brody
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 28

**This book is available for download only.
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Romanced By the Mountain Man

Can this dirty mountain man convince the romance writer he wants to be the hero in her own personal love story?


I’m the man that reads her dirtiest fantasies out loud. Yeah, I’m a book narrator. I spend my nights reading my favorite author’s filthy words for her fan base to listen in on. Every naughty scene only makes me crave her more. But she can’t know who I really am.

Then Gwen, the curvy goddess, shows up on my mountain, looking for my alter ego. I figure I’ll take her around town and help her search. After she finally admits she can’t find him, I’ll send her back. Easy and simple.

Except that when she leaves, I have to chase after her. Because it turns out I can’t let Gwen go, and now I’ll prove to her that we can write a happily ever after of our own together.


Every time I hear my book narrator’s voice, I melt. I’ve been trying to draw him out for months now, and he won’t tell me who he is. So, I do something a little bit crazy. I take a trip to his mountain. If I can just see him in person, then he’ll realize we’re soulmates.

Except I end up stranded with a dirty mountain man who’s making me crave his fiery touch and his filthy mouth. Have I finally found the romance hero of my dreams, or will Blade break my heart?

If you love a dirty talking alpha male who seduces his curvy goddess, it’s time to meet Blade in Romanced by the Mountain Man.

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