Fractured Souls

Author: Neva Altaj
Category: Dark | Erotic | Crime | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 72

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Fractured Souls


I can't go back to my family.
I'm not worthy of them,
Could never be one of them again.
The sister they know, love, and remember,
Doesn't exist.
Not anymore.

Until him....

The one who took me in,
Healed me from my demons,
My fears,
My scars,
Piecing me back,
Bit by bit.


I don't get close to people,
And I certainly don't need anyone.

Until her...

Now, she's all I want,
All I need.
The selfish bastard in me,
Wants to steal her away,
All for myself.

But she no longer needs me.
I have to let her go,
Let her soar,
Not break the wings that help her fly.
She's not mine to keep.
To love,
To have.

Can I teach my fractured soul to survive without her?

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