Hot and Heavy (Love is in the Air)

Author: ChaShiree M, M.K. Moore
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 20

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Hot and Heavy (Love is in the Air)

My name is Summer Frost, and I live in one of the coldest states in the country, isolated from everyone and protected from being hurt. My entire life has been one painful, disappointing experience after another, and the first chance I got, I left the life that almost killed me and never looked back.

I went to college, kept my head down, and ignored any and everything that could be a distraction for me, and now, I am working my dream job.

When my boss tells me that the grant I worked so hard for is in jeopardy of expiring since the man in charge of approving it has yet to do so, I find the courage to cross the water and confront him. My job is all I have, so I need this grant, and so do the penguins.

Then, I walk into the office of Representative Balder Jorgensen, and everything I have worked so hard for begins to pale in comparison to what this determined man is promising me. Love. Passion. Protection. Forever

Can I overcome past pain and hurt to welcome the new beginning I have been given, or will I let old scars ruin my future?

I am a Jorgensen. When we find the woman we love, we don’t walk away; we grab hold of her and never let go. My job is demanding. Hell, my job is my entire life. Most weeks, I don’t have time to get home to see my family at all, let alone date. But I don’t complain. I picked my path, and now I walk it, no matter how overwhelming it can be at times.

Then Summer walks into my office, and everything I worked for is now centered around her. She is the reason I was born. It is obvious she has been hurt, but I need her to see that I would never hurt her.

I know I should take my time and give her a chance to catch up, but my blood won’t let me. Us Jorgensens, we only know one speed..warped. She runs. She ran from me and tried to hide from me. Lucky for her, I have had someone on her since the moment she breathed in my direction.

I wish I could give her space, but the last thing she needs is time to come up with excuses. So, I show her as best I can that she can count on me.

My family loves her, and so do I. Now I just need to bed her. Breed her. Marry her and never let her go.

Summer is my everything. I just need to show why my being her lifeline is safe and forever.

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