Author: Audrey Bell
Category: Romance
Total pages: 42

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She’s a sheltered good girl. He’s the local bad boy biker. When they agree to a fake dating arrangement, can they keep their feelings in check?



When I stumble into Axel’s arms, one glimpse of his easy smile, tattoos, and black leather, and it’s clear he has bad boy written all over him. He’s the perfect answer to all my problems.

I’m suffocating. My micromanaging mother insists I must maintain a good reputation at all costs. I don’t love my boyfriend but my mother is practically planning our wedding already.

In order to spread my wings and gain my independence, I need to stir up some trouble. And Axel is just the man for the job.


Bethany is a sweet, naive girl, hungry for escape. With a stuffy, controlling boyfriend, and a rigid mother obsessed with saving face, Bethany is caught in the middle of a miserable life, longing for a taste of freedom.

Despite the pull of attraction between us, I’m well aware she’s too good for me. I can’t lay a finger on her.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what Bethany wants. And when she proposes an arrangement to scuff up her reputation, I find myself agreeing, despite my better judgment. My MC brothers call it my white knight complex—I can’t stand by when a lady needs help.

But I fall hard and fast for Bethany. My heart is hers.

Will she return my feelings before our fake-dating arrangement is over? Or was I a fool to fall in love with a girl who only wanted to use me for a little fun?

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