His Bride

Author: M.K. Moore
Category: Romance
Total pages: 30

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His Bride

Matilde Vitali is having a terrible day. The day begins with her being kidnapped from her crappy job by the one man she has no business being anywhere near. She hates him with a fiery passion until she doesn't. Bedding Dorian is far from the torture she thought it would be.

Dorian O'Shaughnessy wanted Matilde. Instead of seeking her in a sane way, a dark, depraved plan formed in his mind. A plan to ruin her for any other man.

Can their newfound love survive the wrath of the Vitali's and the O'Shaughnessy's alike?

This is a safe, over-the-top, dark romance. There is a kidnapping and a little bit of hate sex. Don't fret that hate turns to forever love in His Bride.

They live in the shadows and have their own moral compass that guides them. These men and women don't follow your rules. They make their own. When they meet their perfect partner, nothing else matters. They'll do whatever it takes to win the owner of their Dark Hearts.