Knocked up by the Mafia

Author: Veda Rose
Category: Romance | Adult | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 48

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Knocked up by the Mafia

I accidentally slept with a much older Irish hitman. Now I find out he knocked me up…
I left his bed in the morning, but he found me and tied me up.
He says he needs to protect me and the baby.
And for a hitman, “protection” equals forcing me to marry him.

They call him “The Shadow”. No one alive has ever seen him.
His cruel interrogation leaves me embarrassingly needy.
He gives me two options: Marry him or die.
I should hate him. But my body betrays me.

He’s the player, never the prey.
He watches me sleep and controls who I speak to.
At night he claims my vulnerable body until I’m a weak, desiring mess.
And as my belly grows with his heir, I wonder: Do I really want him to set me free?

Or do I want to be locked up by him forever?

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