Ice Storm (Playing For Keeps)

Author: Nichole Rose
Category: Romance | Sports
Total pages: 34

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Ice Storm (Playing For Keeps)

A secret relationship with his best friend's baby sister? This hockey star may be in over his head.


No one walks through the doors of Dionysus unless they're on a mission.
It's a hedonistic paradise.
But when my teammate asks me to help him find his baby sister inside, I agree anyway.
Parker is new in town and doesn't know what she's getting herself into.
Apparently, neither do I.
One look at the curvy little princess, and the last thing on my mind is getting her out of the club.
When she asks me to teach her what she's aching to learn, I know I shouldn't agree with her insane proposition.
But I'll do anything to keep her close…even if it means letting her believe I'm playing by her rules.
Keeping our relationship hidden from her brother is a bad idea, but I'm in too deep now.
When he finds out the truth, it may just tear our whole team apart.

I don't know why I went to Dionysus.
Or how I found myself in a private room upstairs.
But the second Kellan walks in, I know I want to stay.
Something about him makes me ache to obey his every little command.
But he's my brother's teammate, and this has bad idea written all over it.
That doesn't stop me from propositioning him.
It doesn't stop him from agreeing, either.
Now, I'm in serious trouble.
I swore I wouldn't fall for him, but my heart refuses to listen.
When my brother finds out, he's going to lose his mind.
I don't want to be the reason his team loses the Cup, and their friendship ends…but I can't lose Kellan, either.
What am I supposed to do?

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