Paradise Descent

Author: Raya Morris Edwards
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 229

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Paradise Descent

Clara Prothero’s life starts when her father passes away after her eighteenth birthday, leaving her with nothing except his best friend, the Welsh Mafia King, Merrick Llwyd.

And overnight her life changes completely.

In Merrick, the head of the elusive Welsh Mafia, Clara finds a friend and a financial guardian who finally sets her free to be herself and live the way she’s always wanted.

But now, six years later, she’s back home after graduating college and something is different.

Has Merrick always been so…handsome and magnetic?

Or has everything changed?


Merrick Llwyd finds himself tasked with arranging Clara’s marriage now that she’s done with college and back home in Providence.

The only problem?

He can’t stand the thought of marrying her off to billionaire heir, Osian Cardiff. In fact, he can’t stand the thought of her with anyone.

Except himself.

Caught between their undeniable chemistry, his duties as the Welsh King, and his growing feelings for Clara, Merrick finds himself unable to make a choice.

Until Clara makes it for him with one shocking request.

The fabric of Merrick and Clara's safe world begins to unravel in the face of deep betrayal, deceit, revenge, and a burning, new desire that can't be contained. Will opening the door to their feelings be a descent into hell or paradise?