His Promise

Author: Cassi Hart
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 12

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His Promise


Saying goodbye to my best friend is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s time to strike out on my own. I’m determined to reach my goals, including the one to lose my virginity. I’m not looking for a boyfriend, but I’m tired of feeling like I’m missing out. College is all about new experiences, right? But all of my good intentions aren’t enough to prevent my first day becoming a disaster. Suddenly faced with nowhere to live, I’m on the verge of panic when a handsome graduate student comes to my rescue. Gage says he’s just doing a favor for a friend, but I can’t help but wonder if my grumpy savior can be more than my white knight. Could he be the one to punch my V-card?



When Kirk tells me he’s calling in the favor I owe him, I assume he needs me to loan him my notes or something. I’m floored when, instead, he asks me to take in a distraught freshman with no place to go. I have too much riding on this year to allow any distractions, and when Maci’s green eyes meet mine, I know without a doubt this girl is everything I should be avoiding. Still, she needs a place to stay, and it’s only for the weekend. But once I get a taste of Maci, I know without a doubt that one weekend won’t be enough. Maci might have been looking to lose her V-card, but I’m determined to have so much more of her. This little freshman is mine.

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