Loud Places

Author: A.E. Jensen
Category: Romance | M-M Romance
Total pages: 76

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Loud Places


“You’re my best friend in the whole wide world, Matty.”

Three years. It’s been three years since Ethan last saw or heard from his best friend. Three years since Matty ran away. Now that high school is over, nothing stands in the way anymore. Ethan is ready to embark on this journey cross country to find Matty. With nothing but a hand-drawn map, a postcard from Maine and the thought of Matty waiting for him to lead the way.

But a lot can happen during the course of a few weeks. Your whole life can change on the road between Eden, West Texas and Maine. Maybe you can even fall in love…


“You’re still my best friend too, Ethan.”

Matty knew they were supposed to go together. Afterall, it was their dream. Their map. Their trip. But sometimes it’s impossible to wait. Sometimes you just need to get away before it’s too late. It’s been three years now and Matty has finally found the family, he was always looking for. He’s found the home, he never had.

But something is still missing. Ethan. Matty is not complete without him.