The Rent Just Went Up

Author: Jenna Rose
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 23

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The Rent Just Went Up

At eighteen, Erika is not sure what she wants but she is sure that her high school boyfriend is not the one for her. In fact, Chris may be more of a player than long term material, and her suspicions are confirmed when she discovers he is cheating on her.

Erika is driven to a bar by her friend where she meets a handsome man who she ends up losing her innocence to. She thinks she’s met someone kind, someone she can trust. Until he never calls her again…

A month later, Erika is forced out of her apartment by her roommate. After scouring town for a new place to live, her final hope seems perfect. That is until she meets the landlord, who must approve her for the lease...a familiar face from a month ago.