Rejected & Claimed

Author: Laura Wylde
Category: Paranormal | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 26

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Rejected & Claimed

Eliza's world is shattered when the new alpha, Amos, demands her departure from the Bransom pack. Stripped of her place and rejected by her mate, she escapes into the night, seeking solace in a nearby town.

Meanwhile, Patrick, Eliza's loyal friend, attempts to stop her departure but fails. Determined to protect her, he stands up against Amos, instigating a clash that leaves both their loyalties divided. As Eliza finds refuge with Calvin and Eddie, two stubborn cowboys at Mystic Falls, their lives intertwine, sparking a sizzling connection.

Despite initial distrust, Eliza proves her worth and gains their admiration, fostering a bond between them. But danger looms as Amos and his pack track Eliza down, bent on reclaiming what they believe is rightfully theirs. Patrick races to her side, ready to defy his own pack to safeguard the woman he loves.

As tensions rise and battles ensue, Eliza's extraordinary healing powers come to light, drawing her deeper into the conflict. With bonds tested and alliances forged, Eliza must decide where her true loyalties lie and confront the daunting choice between her heart's desires and the safety of those she holds dear.

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