Author: Alba Lockwood
Category: Paranormal
Total pages: 129

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The fire from a resurrected dragon is not the kind of heat this feline enjoys.

We escape Fafnir by the skin of our teeth, yet as we flee one danger, we discover a new threat. Hunters. Humans who kill supernatural beings.

Charlie, Zaide and I take refuge with the supernatural council on a secret island, protected by ancient wards. The creators of the wards are a family of witches who have lived on the island for centuries and are thrilled to have guests…maybe too thrilled.

Regardless, it’s a chance for us to rest, train and explore the pleasures of our new bonds before we attempt to stop Fafnir. The council wants to prevent him from decimating supernatural populations but for us, it’s more personal.

Despite the powerful wards on the island, Baelen somehow joins us, injured and behaving strangely, which makes us question…how reliable are the wards? And how long do we have until we are found?

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