Thorne's Rose

Author: K.L. Ramsey
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 29

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Thorne's Rose

Rose had been told all her life to steer clear of her older cousin, Savage. But with her father gone, and no other family to turn to, she had no choice but to find Savage and beg him for his help. She just never thought that he’d give it so easily. He promised to keep her and her two-year-old, Sadie, safe from her scum bag ex, and that was more than she could have asked him for. Rose just had no idea that he’d be passing her off to one of his guys to protect—and from the look of Victor Thorne, she was jumping right from the frying pan into the fire.
Thorne knew that declining to help his club’s Prez wasn’t an option. He didn’t mind taking on a new assignment for Savage, babysitting his cousin and her kid. But did she have to go and be so damn cute and Lord help him—smell like strawberries every time she brushed by him? Thorn had promised Savage that he’d keep his cousin and her kid safe, and that was exactly what he planned to do, no matter how much he wanted to make Rose his.