2 Obsessed With The Brat

Author: S.E. Law
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 31

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2 Obsessed With The Brat


I have naughty urges, and I know it’s wrong.

Because most girls would be satisfied with one man … but I need two.

And they happen to be my handsome stepbrother and the man of the house.

What do I do now?



I’ve watched as Elle prances around the living room wearing short shorts and a tiny tank top.

She pretends innocence, but the curvy girl knows *exactly* what she’s doing.

After all, the brat’s tempting two men at once - who happen to live under the same roof.

But what Elle doesn’t realize is that Alex and I have a special surprise for her …

Because soon, the curvy girl will be witnessing some hot man-on-man action as we pull her into the melee!

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