Author: K.B. Winters
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 69

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The demons of PTSD gnaw at me, growing stronger every day. Like I’m stuck in an escape room I can’t get out of.
Enter Maggie. Beaten. Broken. Abused. When she stumbles into my clinic looking for help, something shifts inside me. An unexplainable pull I’ve never felt before.
I know I can help her. But is this fire between us real, or is my magnifying mind playing tricks on me?
Then I uncover the brutal truth—Maggie belongs to the MC’s biggest threat. The crew who tried to kill my brothers.
But the streets are cruel, and they’re closing in on her.
I’m torn—do I turn my back on my MC for one split second to keep her safe? Every fiber of my being screams to protect her, no matter the cost.
If I fail, the shadows will consume us both.
If I succeed, the passion between us could set her free...or destroy everything I’ve built.
I’ve never taken such a risk for anyone. But for a chance with Maggie, I’ll put it all on the line.
The clock is ticking and I’m racing to decide—is saving Maggie worth the risk?
My choice will change everything.