Claimed By Mr. Ice

Author: Flora Ferrari
Category: Romance
Total pages: 59

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Claimed By Mr. Ice

He’s a hockey star so hot it’s a shock he doesn’t melt the ice, and my dad’s best friend, and… I’m pregnant with his baby.


I’ve always wanted a family, but I never expected it to happen like this!

It’s supposed to be a fun trip. Dad has been reconnecting with his childhood friend, Logan Ice. The man is tall, so steamy, and muscular. It’s a wonder he can move so well on his skates.

I’m nineteen, a virgin, and on the curvy side. Not that I’m ashamed of that, but I never thought he’d want me.

It’s pure steam, pure heat, but then Logan leaves. He ghosts me. He ghosts Dad.

But when I call to tell him I’m pregnant, everything changes. “I’m catching the next flight tonight. I’m not abandoning you. I’m not abandoning that baby.”


What happens when Dad finds out? Why does Logan get a dark, mysterious look in his intense blue eyes when we talk about parenthood? Is he here just for the baby, or is there more?

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