The Mystery of the Morelock Motel

Author: Hank Edwards
Category: Mystery | Thriller | Suspense
Total pages: 47

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The Mystery of the Morelock Motel

An abandoned motel. A ghostly urban legend. A paranormal blogger needing clicks.

Oliver Berridge has eeked out a living blogging about creepy creatures. After riding shotgun on paranormal investigations with the Critter Catchers, Demetrius Singleton and his husband Cody Bower, Oliver decides it’s time to strike out on his own. With some help from his boyfriend, Dave, Oliver pays a visit to the Morelock Motel to dig into reports of mysterious disappearances.

Dave Bower moved back to Parson’s Hollow after falling for Oliver Berridge on one of the most unusual nights of his life: a werewolf invasion of his small hometown. Now, two years later, he’s more in love than he ever imagined he could be, and wanting to support Oliver as he tries to bring new visitors to his struggling paranormal blog. If that means spending a few nights in a rundown, abandoned, and supposedly haunted motel, he’s determined to see it through.

Creepy occurrences begin upon their arrival: screams in the woods, a mysterious intruder messing with their belongings, and someone pounding on the door though no one waits on the other side. When the investigation takes a suddenly dangerous and personal turn, Oliver is forced to call in the Critter Catchers for assistance. Demetrius and Cody arrive, but the danger escalates even more, and soon they’re all forced to take risks to unravel the Mystery of the Morelock Motel.