A Feral Shade of Amber

Author: Kellie Bowe
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 148

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A Feral Shade of Amber

Walk beneath the moonlight into a richly detailed world where werewolves rule a wild orchard, shadows whisper of a hidden world, and love and danger intertwine…

Marcy Davins, whose family after her grandmother’s passing has dwindled to a pair of rambunctious Maine Coons, has no one to rely on but herself, and no one to believe her when one spring night her life takes a thrilling turn and she glimpses a creature she thought only existed in her worst nightmares.

When the animal’s hide appears on her doorstep the next morning, she finds herself at the heart of a murder investigation lead by the charming Sheriff Caelan Harlowe. But Caelan is no ordinary sheriff – he’s a Reaper, the most dangerous type of werewolf and a powerful protector of the Otherworld, tasked with hunting the very worst monsters, one of which has its sights set on her.

As the threat escalates, Marcy partners with Caelan and tests the limits of her courage to unearth a past she’d long thought dead and buried. In a race against time, the pair must uncover dark secrets and piece together the chilling connection between the monster and the murder before their worlds are consumed by a ravenous darkness.