Dark Empire

Author: A.J. Fallow
Category: Dark | Adult | Crime | Romance
Total pages: 98

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Dark Empire

Once the daughter of Boston’s most infamous Irish mobster, Cassidy Quinn thought she had escaped her father’s violent world. But after witnessing a botched mob hit, Cassidy must turn back to the family she left behind and agree to a marriage pact with the McTiernan Clan’s cold-blooded warlord.

Faced with the threat of deportation, Connor McTiernan finds himself thrust into a marriage he doesn’t want, with a woman who hates everything he stands for. Their marriage is supposed to be a business transaction; something that suits Connor’s frozen heart just fine until he realizes that against all odds and his best intentions…he’s fallen in love with his wife.

When a mole in the Clan places Cassidy in the line of fire, Connor will risk everything to protect her, even if it means cementing her hatred of him. Boundaries are pushed. Lines are crossed. And Cassidy soon discovers that life isn’t as black-and-white as she thought it was—and for her, there is no going back.

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