Three City Hotshots and a Small-Town Girl

Author: Chloe Kent
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 34

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Three City Hotshots and a Small-Town Girl

Kalista Chapman, the twenty-three-year-old mayor of the small town of Bloomings Tide, is determined to win the Theresa Ingram Tarrington-Smith Small Town of Excellence Award, or the Tits Award for short.

Other towns in the running have their signature wines and marmalades, their historic museums, and their upstanding take on sustainability and energy conservation - okay fine that's a good one.

But Bloomings Tide has what no other town has.


The world-renowned pole dancer, who only dances for kings, princes, and billionaires around the world. Her charisma is mesmerizing, her aura magnetic.

Celeste is going to knock the three billionaire judges off their feet and win the prize for Bloomings Tide.


But nothing goes to plan for Mayor Kalista.

When their interfering grandmothers decide their grandsons need a small-town experience, they send them to be the judges of an award that happens every five years. To say the three billionaires are beyond grumpy about their assignment is an understatement.

Except they have no idea what they're in for when they meet Kalista Chapman.

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