Making Magic In Suite Twenty-one

Author: Jeannette Winters
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 72

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Making Magic In Suite Twenty-one

He was there with one mission; do recon and report back. An injury changes everything, and a woman he’s not supposed to touch is sent to nurse him back to health. How long can he keep his hands off her? Find out in this forbidden love story.

Ryker Stone

I knew my brother was hiding something. His excuses were getting old, and I’d been voted as the one to find what the truth was.

Very simple. Right? I should have known better. When it came to the Stone men, nothing was ever as it appeared. And when I arrived in Tabiq, I quickly learned this was going to be more difficult than I thought.

If things were complicated enough, I got hurt and the sexiest nurse I’d ever laid eyes on had made it her mission to personally ensure I recovered fully. Now I was in a different type of pain as I’d been warned that she was hands off.

Instead of searching for the truth about Bennett, I was trying to hide my own lies, as suite twenty-one proved to be my lucky number.

Was my luck about to run out, or could I convince Nurse Meri that the hardest thing to heal is a broken heart?

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