Because of You

Author: Melanie Shawn
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 82

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Because of You

Keaton Savage will do anything for his family—even star in a reality TV dating show. After spending a little bit too much time with his friend Jack, Jack Daniel's, that is, at his cousin's wedding, Keaton wakes up to the news that "he's the next contestant on Fairytale Love" (read: The Price is Right announcer voice). Imagine his surprise, since he has no memory of agreeing to be on the dating show.

His investigation into the mystery of this fake news begins with unanswered texts to his niece, who happens to be a PA on said show, and ends with him crashing his family's Sunday breakfast, where he finds the aforementioned niece looking sheepish and avoiding eye contact. After a quick Q&A, it is revealed that she is the "source" who leaked the casting news in an attempt to impress her boss, the producer of the show.

Does he want to go on the show? No. Is it a sacrifice he's willing to make to help his niece? Apparently so. When his selfless act brings him face to face with the sexy redhead who ghosted him five years earlier and has haunted his dreams ever since, he's not sure if it's a no-good-deed-goes-unpunished situation or fate giving him a second chance at real love.

Avery Stone will do anything to have the family she didn't have growing up—even marry a man she doesn't love. Or at least that was the plan until she woke up on her wedding day with feet so cold she might as well name them Elsa...from Frozen...get it? After asking her deceased Gammy for a 'sign' that she is doing the right thing, she receives a news alert on her phone announcing the newest cast member of Fairytale Love, who just happens to be the man she shared the best two weeks of her life with five years earlier and who she's loved and pined after ever since. Avery knows she can't walk down the aisle and promise her life to another man after seeing his photo and feeling all the feels.

Armed with that decision, she goes to her fiancé's room to call things off, which would have been awkward enough even if she hadn't found him in bed with their nanny. Although full disclosure, it did make her announcement easier.

With her life at loose ends, she gets another 'sign' in the form of a staffing emergency and decides to go back to the scene of the crime (the crime being the place where she spent the best two weeks of her life with a man who is going on a reality dating show to find love) to handle it and get a fresh start. Or maybe a do-over.

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