Room Ten: Put on a Show

Author: Audrey Bell
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 45

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Room Ten: Put on a Show

She’s a spoiled princess who wants it all. They are three men bound by duty to protect her reputation at all costs. When close proximity and a dash of danger heightens the sexual tension between them to an unbearable heat, will they give in and worship her the way she deserves?


As a world-famous singer, I live for the spotlight. I’m not shy when it comes to my desire for attention, much to the chagrin of my grumpy bodyguards, Merrick and Baron who never leave my side. Flanking me everywhere I go, they’re like two guard dogs, growling and snapping at anyone who gets too close.

The only time they grant me a little privacy is when I visit Club Sin to entertain a gentleman of my choice for the evening. They wait outside the door, standing watch, and they don’t come in, no matter how loud I get.

I should know.

I’ve tried to coax them inside more than once, screaming with pleasure.

What can I say? I like an audience and I wouldn’t want my big, hulking bodyguards to miss out on the fun.


I’ve been in this business long enough to recognize the games of a diva like Kenna Newhouse. She’s barely twenty-five years old and a spoiled brat, accustomed to getting her way just by batting her lashes. And yet, I can’t deny the attraction I feel toward her. She’s feisty, sassy, and judging by her frequent visits to Club Sin, insatiable between the sheets.

I would love to be the one to take Kenna in hand, to shower her in so much pleasure she can’t stand it anymore.

The problem is that it’s my job to protect Kenna, and my duty has nothing to do with the private activities she engages in behind closed doors.


Every time Kenna is in that room at Club Sin with another man, I grind my teeth, forcing myself to remain rooted to the spot. All I want to do is barge in there and make her mine.

For three years, I’ve been guarding Kenna and every minute has been a test of my self-control to keep my hands off her. She teases me every chance she gets—flaunting her curves, waltzing around her million-dollar home in nothing but a skimpy bikini or a tiny silk nightgown.

When Kenna is threatened by an obsessed, violent fan, I find myself enduring even closer quarters with her than before. And my self-control is dwindling fast.


Kenna Newhouse is more than a handful. Her appetite is never satisfied and it seems she always craves more, more, more. Throughout her career, I’ve developed a friendly rapport with her as a journalist—granted the privilege of taking part in some fun behind the scenes, strictly off record, of course.

After a crazed fan tries to hurt Kenna, she’s forced under even tighter protective detail than before. She could use a close friend by her side for a little stress relief and I’m happy to lend a hand.

But I’m not the only one worried about Kenna’s safety, let alone her orgasm count per night. It turns out she’s hungry for three times the man power and what Kenna wants, Kenna gets.

Merrick, Baron, and I wouldn’t dream of denying the diva what she desires.